• Bringing Balance Back to Security


    Ballast Security is a security team dedicated to increasing the general security of the Internet. We research defensive and offensive security measures meant to progress the level of security standards that are considered acceptable.We are the ballast on the scale of defense versus offense, keeping both sides even so security can move forward as an industry.

    fireBwall Custom Windows Firewall

    On that note, we have skills in both offense and defense, as well as create tools with the same capabilities. For instance, fireBwall is designed to not only act as a firewall, but it can also send packets itself. You could null route an attacker on your local network when you detect an attack.

    Web Application Firewall(mod_ballastsec_waf)

    With the Apache WAF(mod_ballastsec_waf), we not only block attackers, but gather information on them after they attack. With Attack-Scanner(Developed with TickTockComputers and TrustedSec), we not only block and log attacks made, but publish information obtained from their attacks, exposing their bot nets to attacks like the pBot RCE.